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Postby stormy on Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:03 am

there we go. hopefully people realize that this thing exists.

this topic is for you to ask questions to those in charge of the avatars. these are GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS. i don't want to see a bunch of, "whine whine, where is my item" junk in here, 'kay? keep me happy.

i'll start with some questions i've been asked.

1. I don't have Adobe Photoshop. All I have is MS Paint, and they won't accept my item like that. What else can I use? I'm poor/cheap as hell.

http://www.catgirlz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20748 well, my cheap, broke friend, ranzear has some goodies for you. feel free to use anything in there. or, you can google opencanvas. versions 1.x are offered free here and there on the web. they're not hard to find.

2. I made items, but for some reason, they're not being added! I posted it in the avatar things thread like... fifteen times!! ;__;!

well, there are several things to ask yourself. 1: are the admins busy? mk, erin, and i are trying to catch up the avatar items, but we're not done yet. and also, 2: have you submitted something of quality? the admins are our quality control. if it's sub-par, they'll deny your item. if you have problems keeping your quality up, don't make items. or, get someone to help you. please, don't whine about quality standards.

3. Speaking of making things of quality... I don't even know how to make things!! lawl. What do I do?

our dear lillithia's made a great tutorial for you. it's crafted for photoshop, but it should work about the same for any program with layers. http://www.catgirlz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20564 feel free to check it out.

4. I made shiny things! But I'm a total tard and didn't make it on a transparent layer, so now i have white behind it~~ Please, tell me how to fix this and make it a transparent .PNG!

once again, it's lilli to the rescue. http://www.catgirlz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20677 this one, also, goes for just about any fancy-pants graphic program. if you can't get it to work, or your program doesn't support this, there are always people who will make it transparent for you for a couple of coins. you'll earn them back selling your good-quality item, anyway.

5. I made LOTS of beautiful, shiny things! Where do I post them to get them added?

let's make things simple for our time-pressed admins, 'kay? there's a thread here called "avatar things". make sure when you post, you say that you've made these items. post all your items AS PICTURES so their quality can be judged without clicking a multitude of links. voila!

6. My shiny things were loved by members and admins alike! Now, how do I get them into my shop?

easy, my dear! wait for an admin to add them to the list and send them to you. they will arrive in a pm (private message) as a GIFT. accept the trade. then, the items will appear in your items inventory. there is something at the bottom of the page that says "move items to store." select the checkboxes of the items you want to move, and select what store you want them in via the dropdown box at the bottom of the page.

it'll take you to another screen where you enter the number of each item you want to move. KEEP ONE or two for yourself, a friend, etc so you don't have to worry about them selling out and never getting more. just a suggestion, but i find it helpful. then, it'll ask for prices. when you're done, submit. it'll be added to your store! :3

7. I want an item!! God, so so so badly. :xxx Who do I tell? Where do I make this thread??

well, since i posted this months ago, there has been a "requests" thread added to the forum. so, check it out in avatar development. :D the artist may require a fee, but they should tell you about that up front. :x

8. I have the coolest cosplay idea!! I want to make the whole set, homigod... How do I submit it?

originally, you could do it all as one outfit. but the general consensus now is, please separate the pieces. jason did this to my felicia costume; you can find that thread in the main portion of avatar development to see how he separated it from what he was given. save each portion (headpiece, shirt, armthings, pants, leggings, shoes, tail...) as a separate image and submit it like that.

also, since this was added, there has been the addition of a "calling characters" thread. now, that's not to say you can't do a character that's already been created, but it's helpful so the artists don't start this whole "but i was working on that already" argument. >_>;; so this way it's not a waste of someone's time.

9. I want to make some t-shirt labels or "iron-ons". How should I go about doing this?

we do not yet have a section for our uploading for iron ons. however, if or when we do, we no longer accept copy-and-paste items. so you'd have to hand draw your iron-ons. sorry, dears. :x

10. I thought of the coolest idea for the avatars! It involves programming, though. Homigod, it's cool. What do I do??

if it's not that cool, probably keep it to yourself. :x if it's the coolest thing since sliced bread, or boobies or something, make a thread. do not complain and whine in it. just suggest. complaining and whining are counterproductive to whatever it is you want, since we'll ignore it by default. >_>;;;

11. I thought of a great idea, but it involves adding/detracting from the base's body. May I?

no, not really. o_O;; you can't change the size of the figure when you make stuff, or things won't fit right on the characters when you apply it. you can't change their poses, etc. and making something and using the skin tone of the original base won't work, either, since only someone using that medium skintone will be able to wear/use the item without it messing up their character.


there. i think that'll do for now. feel free to ask more questions. i'll answer them when i have time. if it's something involved, i'll defer answering to pk/ness/jason.
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Postby demoncatjuston on Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:43 am

what type of file does it have to be?

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Postby Bit on Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:54 pm

.png with a transparent background
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Postby demoncatjuston on Thu Feb 01, 2007 4:22 pm

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Postby Sabetha on Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:24 am

you could use the gimp its free

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Postby Erin on Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:28 am

Why has this not been stickied yet?
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