Requirements for creating an item.

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Requirements for creating an item.

Postby Ajna on Thu Feb 08, 2007 7:09 pm

We'd love for our members to get together and create items for the our character system, but we can't accept every item that is made. We don't mean to be mean. We just want a decent character system.

Hopefully this helps anyone with questions on the requirements.

-The image must be .PNG filetype with a translucent background. This means you can't make it with MS Paint, or something similar. If that's all you have, you can download GIMP, or ask for someone to help make the image translucent. Chances are though that it wont get added since the edges will be jagged.

-It must fit correctly on the base of the character without any adjustments, and the character can not be in the image. You can include another image of the item on the character as an example, if you'd like, but it's not required. Just the image is.

-Items must be one piece, even if it's part of a set. For example, if you do a schoolgirl outfit, you'll need to upload each piece of it. The skirt, the shirt, the socks, etc. Make sure they are in the correct places though. If you need help breaking your image up, use this:

-Do not copy and paste items. Draw your own.

-Try to keep your lineart and coloring neat, with as smooth shading as you can do. We want the images to all look pretty similar. Having a jagged edge shirt with cell shading paired with smooth lined pants and soft shading would look bad.

-Only several colors of your item will be uploaded. We don't need 15 different colors of one item. Also, the more of each color is uploaded, the less you'll get of each color. For example:
If you make one color, you'll receive ~10 shirts.
Two colors will get you ~5 of both colors, equaling ~10.
Three colors will get you ~3 of each color.
Four colors will get you ~2 of each color, and so on.

If you can't seem to create an item that is up to par, you can always request items, or give artists ideas. You can work out some type of way where they pay you so-and-so for every item they sell that you gave them the idea for.

Also, there's the lovely FAQ that Minny made, found here:

With that being said, here are the bases: Image Image

For any further questions, feel free to PM any of the admins.

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