Basic Overall Tutorial

Okay. This is my tutorial on how to draw like me, using the program Shi Painter. It doesn't focus on any one thing. It's just a step-by-step procedure of how I do my drawings. I'm not an amazing artist, but I do know the basic proportions of the body, and how to shade. Forgive me if things are a little off. And, be warned, this is a very unprofessional tutorial. XD Unfortunately, the only time I was motivated to do it was when I was hyper. :P It is pretty long, and I have difficulty explaining my thoughts, but I hope you can bear with me, and maybe learn a little something from my efforts.

Chapter 1: Sketching
Chapter 2: Lineart
Chapter 3: Coloring Skin
Chapter 4: Coloring hair
Chapter 5: Finishing


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